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FRx Top Technical Support Issues

April 07, 2009

FRx has been around forever and is the most often recommended tool to do financial statements for the Dynamic GP and SL. The life span is coming to an end in the distant future but will still be around for many years. Over the past several years I've made a most common technical support list for FRx. FRx buzz has a top 12 tips list you can check out as well.

Here is my top trouble shooting list in no particular order:

  1. Can't launch FRx from GP (Reports>>financial>>FRx) - Tech doc 850786 - The path to FRx is stored in the FRXDYN.INI file in the Great Plains directory on the workstation. If the path was entered incorrectly rename the FRXDYN.INI file, launch FRx again from Great Plains, and choose the correct path to the FRX32.exe file on your particular workstation.
  2. Missing accounts in BS or P & L (or financials don't tie) - FRx does not automatically update accounts added in GP. Run exception report in FRx then add accounts that are missing or duplicate.
  3. How to create a budget variance report- See Tech doc 862445. Also shows you how do do the budget variance for certain rows. See previous post on how to get budget into GP step 6.
  4. Locked rows, columns or trees- Compact current spec set and system database - Tools>>compact FRx database. This solves lots of issues and is one of the first things you can do for maintenance purposes.
  5. Invalid work drive error - Tech doc 865772 for citrix, 864623 non citrix - For a temporary fix you can delete the Optional Work Drive path found at Admin>>processing options.
  6. Can't see any accounts after page break - Use PI for a page break instead of PB. See tech doc 859445.
  7. FRx won't take new year date period or Change default Base Period to C when opening a catalog in FRx- Tech doc 862372 - Delete .G32 files in Sysdata folder. I do this almost everytime I start troubleshooting as it solves a lot of issues. Automated solution for 10.0 is found here. 9.0 users can find it here. Heck, since I'm so nice here's 7.5 and 8.0.
  8. How do you share FRx reports with multiple users- Tech doc # 854726- Basically export out all reports in Company>>spec set>>highlight all catalogs, rows, columns and trees and save to a TDB file (just in case). Copy Sysdata folder that you want to make shared and paste in a network location. Point all workstations to this folder in Admin>>organization>>sysdata. If you can't change path there see step 14. Make sure this is being backed up with your nightly backup routine.
  9. Error 91 - Sucky error to get. As you see it could be one of 16 issues from tech doc 874276. It's often a permission issue or DLL issue. (DLL automated solution here.)
  1. Error 8900- tech doc 912977 - Also have seen a company ID on a tree not be a valid company in GP cause this error.
  2. Where are the FRx service packs? See MBS link
  1. Can't launch FRx from GP - The launch file for FRx is FRx32.exe. The default location is C:Program FilesFRx SoftwareFRx 6.7FRx32.exe. You can put that path in the location in Reports>>Finanicial>>FRx. If that launches something other than FRx report designer you can change the path in the FRXDYN.INI file in the GP folder on the workstation.
  1. OFSI errors - Tech doc 858323 - Similar to 91 and 8900 errors.
  1. Can't change sysdata folder in Company>>organization>>sysdata - Update path manually in the FRx32.CFG file located in C:Program FilesFRx SoftwareFRx 6.7FRx32.CFG. Make sure there is a at the end of the path or it will error out.
  1. Can't log into FRx. Usually the company>>information setup is incorrect. See tech doc 865836. Sometimes it's an ID-10-T error. FRx uses the same SQL user as GP. Make sure the login ID is the same as GP not the network user ID that defaults in FRx. Must be exactly the same as GP. (eg. User ID - ted can not be TED.)

Any other common issues I'm neglecting?


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