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COVID-19 Update From Our CEO

by Matt Armanino
April 06, 2020

Let me first start by saying that as we continue to stay in touch with our valued clients and friends of the firm throughout this crisis, I have been amazed, but not surprised, by the way people have come together. Clients, colleagues and communities are all stepping up and doing both what is asked and what is needed.

I last shared what Armanino was doing to ensure business continuity and the safety of our employees, clients and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. But today our focus turns to staying close to our clients. There are more questions than ever before, and I have been inspired by the thousands of calls that have taken place where we are helping our clients through legislation changes — including CARES Act eligibility requirements — and how they can pivot to both meet the immediate challenges and position themselves for the future. Armanino has pulled together the right experts in real time to help you get those pressing questions answered.

I also recognize that it’s easy for us to say Armanino is here for you and that responsiveness is something we emphasize. But, saying it and demonstrating it are two different things. So here are the ways we are actively positioning ourselves to be a partner you can rely on during this period of change.

Rapid Response Team

First, we are moving swiftly to prepare you for navigating the choppy waters ahead. In addition to launching our COVID-19 Resource Center, alerts and newsletters, we have put together a Rapid Response Team tasked with ensuring you have access to the materials most relevant to you and your organization. They are also available should you need someone to consult with about your business. This team is comprised of leaders versed in a wide array of expertise, including tax, audit, consulting, marketing, human resources, crisis communications and more.

Live Q&A Webinar Sessions

Moving forward, we will be providing direct access to our experts through live Q&A sessions. While your Armanino engagement partner and team will continue to serve you, we wanted to create another opportunity for you to ask questions in live, real-time forums. We recognize how fast changes are coming and invite you to attend one of these Q&A sessions to ask your most pressing questions around government assistance, tax, HR and general business concerns.

Customizing the CARES Act for Your Business

Many of you have specific questions about how the CARES Act affects your business and how to navigate it all, including tax impacts and/or benefits, staffing options, which SBA loan program is right for you and how to apply. We can answer those, and if you are eligible for SBA loans, we can help you gather application materials, prepare calculations, and complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Most importantly, we can help you with the proper post-funding reporting and compliance to ensure you meet the government requirements to maximize loan forgiveness.

Moving Forward Together

It is our response in the face of these troubling times that gives me hope that we will get through this together and achieve even greater things in better days. We look forward to the day we can visit with you again in person. Stay safe and be well.


Matt Armanino

April 06, 2020

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