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Assessing On-Time Shipment in Dynamics AX 2012

January 17, 2014

The Shipment Details Report in Armanino's High Tech Industries for Dynamics AX 2012 is a great tool to help you assess your On Time Shipment—out of the box, with no modification necessary. You can find the report under Accounts Receivable > Reports > Bookings > Shipment Details Report.

Assessing 1 Click to enlarge image.

Specifying, the Ship Date can help you calculate OTS per shipping day. To calculate total On Time Shipment, you can leave the Ship Date field blank and run the report. The resulting report shows shipment information by Sales Order number.

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From here, you can export to Excel and add a column for Days Late. A simple formula comparing the Requested Ship Date with the Ship Date (which pulls from the packlist lines) will reveal your Days Late.

Next, you can manipulate the data in Excel to determine which customers frequently receive late shipments, identify any consistently late products, and even determine an OTS percentage (using Excel formulas).

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