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Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and propel your company forward with extended capabilities to manage design win, complex financial and manufacturing processes, outsourced contractors, and compliance, by partnering with Armanino.

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Embrace Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As new markets emerge, it’s critical that established semiconductor companies and startups alike use technology to streamline operations, identify new opportunities and stay competitive.

Whether you’re considering your options for ERP, CRM, or both, Armanino can help. Not only do we implement Dynamics, but we’ve also developed Microsoft Certified solutions for semiconductor manufacturers that ensure you get more from your systems, such as support for design win, compliance, yield planning and more.

We play an active role in identifying areas where you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to drive your digital transformation, such as eliminating redundant systems, capturing new data insights to improve your business, and integrating business systems and your supply chain.

Get in touch with us to schedule a demo or assessment with our semiconductor experts. We’ll work with you hand in hand to identify transformative opportunities for you to leverage Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP to streamline and grow your semiconductor or fabless semiconductor operations.

Armanino has decades of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service and Field Service, which equips us with best-in-class knowledge about how new cloud technologies can transform daily operations for semiconductor manufacturers.

As a Microsoft Inner Circle partner, Armanino has CRM and ERP solutions with built-in functionality that supports a more streamlined method for forecasting trends, gaining visibility into your supply chain and discovering insights that influence decisions from a design and engineering standpoint.

Support Mergers and Acquisitions

We understand that if your company is undergoing an acquisition or merger, you need the ability to make quick changes to your corporate reporting hierarchy. Armanino assesses whether your ERP and CRM applications are capable of supporting any legacy business requirements that may come along with a new acquisition. Afterward, we help you streamline the most important daily functions. This includes bookings, billings and backlog with a focus on segment performance, and identifying new leads or opportunities for pipeline growth or shrinkage.

Simplify Manufacturing Complexity

Semiconductor companies need an ERP system that recognizes the wafer-to-die conversion component of the manufacturing process and interprets this dual unit of measure through all supply chain activities, in terms of both cost and cycle time planning. Armanino’s industry solution uses downstream yielding to calculate the total number of lot starts required to meet demand, and support dual units of measure on dies and wafers throughout the production and planning process. Achieve full alignment of your manufacturing operation using MRP to handle the full wafer-to-die process, along with discrete assemblies in a single ERP instance.

Control the Sample Distribution Process

We understand the logistical challenges of shipping samples to customers and prospects and having your accounting team accurately reflect the transaction without impacting ASP and margin reporting, or showing a loss on the goods. That’s why Armanino’s Dynamics 365 solution has sample-specific order types that give you better control of the GL posting accounts to record the costs, while enforcing policies for test samples. This allows manufacturers to enforce the quantity and pricing rules for test samples and ensure that physical inventory is updated.

Manage Pricing and Distribution Complexities

We understand the challenges and risks semiconductor companies undergo when maintaining pricing for suppliers and end customers. That’s why our solutions simplify the equation and allow you to seamlessly create tiered pricing, special pricing agreements, and discounts that can be applied to distributors or end customers. Our solutions support design win registrations and related sales processes, complete with partner portals, workflows, commission splits and volume forecasting.

Achieve Industry Compliance

Armanino’s industry solutions accommodate the increasing compliance needs of semiconductor manufacturers, particularly when it comes to tracking and controlling where and how products are being distributed.

Our built-in functionality enables you to institute compliance controls around regulated products, jurisdiction exclusion or inclusion lists, the country of origin and ever-evolving regulatory reporting requirements.

Manage Supply Chains

Armanino’s semiconductor manufacturer solution for Dynamics 365 includes a built-in supply chain integration tool that allows integration with an internal MES solution or external supply chain partners — including contract manufacturers, wafer fabs and 3PLs — so they can connect to your system for electronic updates, regardless of the systems they use. This orchestrates a synchronized view across the supply chain and eliminates the need for manual monitoring transaction updates, allowing you to view transactions and activities in real time.


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Armanino is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM partner with a reputation for developing and implementing innovative solutions for technology manufacturers. We make sure you get the tools and strategic guidance you need so you can focus on business growth.

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