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Sage Intacct AP Connect

Armanino's Sage Intacct AP Connect brings best-in-breed solutions and convenience to your payment process.
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Automation Solution
AP Connect for Wells Fargo Payment Manager® and Sage Intacct
AP Connect is built directly into Sage Intacct, so there are no external applications or integrations.


Quick Highlights

Vendor Flexibility

With AP Connect, you choose the vendors you want Wells Fargo to pay, along with the type of payment. You run your normal AP process and AP Connect transmits payment files to the Wells Fargo Payment Manager service for processing.

All Payment Types

AP Connect supports all payment types: domestic ACH and wires, next-day checks and commercial credit cards.

Rapid Deployment

The pre-built solution is easy to deploy and set up – no custom development required. AP Connect works in conjunction with the standard Sage Intacct AP process, allowing you to use familiar screens and data already stored on your vendor records.

Error Free

Data is validated against Wells Fargo business rules and requirements to ensure there are no issues after files are transmitted.

Straightforward Integration

Automated Payment Export

Are you a Wells Fargo client using Wells Fargo Payment Manager as well as Sage Intacct? Are you looking for the most straightforward way to enter payables into Payment Manager? If so, AP Connect automates the export of payments, including ACH transfers and wires from Sage Intacct, in the exact format required for uploading to Wells Fargo via their Payment Manager service.
AP Connect for Wells Fargo Payment Manager® and Sage Intacct
Realizing the Most Important Traits
Next Day checks
Next day checks
Domestic ACH transfers
Domestic ACH transfers
Domestic wire transfers
Domestic wire transfers
CCER/Commercial credit card
CCER/Commercial credit cards
International ACH transfers
International ACH transfers
International wire transfers
International wire transfers
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