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Return to Work Readiness App

Designed to enable organizations and their employees to self-report as free of COVID-19 symptoms and ready to return to work.
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Bridge the Reintroduction To the Office
The prospect of bringing employees back to the office is overwhelming to many businesses. It can be a challenge to demonstrate trust and ensure guidelines are being followed, minimizing liability for your organization without sacrificing privacy. The app allows you to protect your most important assets — your employees and your customers — and keep everyone feeing secure.


Quick Highlights

Track Employees

Track employee reporting of COVID-19 symptoms and flag employees who fail to meet return to work requirements

Monitor Offices

Log if offices have been cleaned and sanitized daily

Historical Record-Keeping

Access historical staff and facility records

Scheduler Option

Optional Workspace Scheduler add-on available to maximize social distancing
In Action

Safely Opening the Office

As your business returns to an in-person office environment, there is a need to build trust among people that their safety is top of mind and that the company is taking precautions.

Get an in depth look at how to eliminate the concerns of returning to work.

Realizing the Most Important Traits
Return to Work Readiness AppSecure Data
Data is saved to an auditable, secure location
Return to Work Readiness App Microsoft Office
Utilizes common Microsoft Office architecture
Return to Work Readiness App Software Licenses
No new software licenses required
Return to Work Readiness App Desktop and Mobile
Both desktop and mobile versions available
Return to Work Readiness App Minimum Training
Minimum training and roll-out needed
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