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ESG Sustainability by Armanino

Get a clear snapshot of relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that gauge your company’s sustainability effort against global standards.
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Rapid Diagnostic Tool
Powerful Visualization Illuminates Your ESG Efforts
How do you measure up? ESG Sustainability by Armanino — using Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) — helps identify, manage and mitigate your sustainability risks. This interactive scorecard provides a rapid diagnostic using 14 ESG criteria and industry weighting factors.


Quick Highlights

Powerful Performance Metrics

Based on 14 key performance metrics (KPIs) across material ESG topics, this web-based Power BI scorecard delivers rapid diagnostics.

Fact-Based Company Evaluation

Where do you rank on workforce diversity? Greenhouse gas emissions? Business ethics and more? See how well-positioned your company is for sustainability.

Insightful Competitors Assessment

Are you a leader, average or a laggard? Our ESG competitor performance matrix is based on peer review analysis and current global standards.

Timely, Actionable Feedback

The ESG scorecard interview takes just one hour. After which the Armanino team delivers an in-depth presentation to discuss findings, insights and recommendations.

At a Glance

Accelerate Your Sustainability Efforts

With ESG Sustainability by Armanino, you’ll be able to define overall sustainability performance and measure progress toward future-state targets. Plus, you can compare your performance to competitors and business partners and identify gaps in your sustainability program.

  • ESG Sustainability Current State Evaluation
    Current State Evaluation: This tool uses Microsoft Power BI to visualize your current state sustainability performance.
  • ESG Sustainability Competitor Assessment
    Competitor Assessment: Methodology is included in the tool and updated based on current global standards from the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB).
  • ESG Sustainability Current State Evaluation
  • ESG Sustainability Competitor Assessment


ESG Sustainability Scorecard

Pricing: $2,000


  • Define your overall sustainability performance
  • Measure progress toward future-state targets
  • Compare your sustainability performance to competitors and business partners
  • Identify gaps in your sustainability program
What to Expect When You Order Your ESG Scorecard
Explore this presentation to understand our process and how the ESG scorecard can help you better manage business risks and seize opportunities.
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