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Record-to-Report (R2R) Process

Integrating and automating how you collect, process and deliver your key financial and operational data helps create a more efficient and effective working environment that provides needed visibility into your entire operations.
Record-to-Report (R2R) Process Full Scope
Core Elements
The Full Scope of R2R
R2R’s purpose is to unite five core accounting and finance components: transaction recording, period-end closes, financial consolidations, financial position analysis and the distribution of that information as a point-in-time report to stakeholders and regulators.

Fix Inefficient Processes

Connect Your Accounting and Finance Systems

One break in your R2R chain can derail the effectiveness of your accounting and finance teams, which can diminish their strategic value to your organization. Detached processes and tools can slow your reporting and period closes, entail error-prone manual consolidations, reduce the quality of information used for strategic planning, and increase your compliance and audit burden.
Holistic Approach
Create a Unified R2R Process
Whether your challenges lie in one or multiple steps in the R2R process, by leveraging automation tools and best-in-class strategies, you can identify your obstacles then build a cohesive plan bringing every stage of the R2R process into a single continuum of activities. Access this through an end-to-end solution or specific support:
Record-to-Report (R2R) Process Recording
Link data across your various systems of record into one location
Record-to-Report Close Process
Close Process Management
Identify and automate repetitive tasks to save days in each month-end close
Record-to-Report Process Consolidation
Implement improved workflows that replace manual reconciliations
Record-to-Report Financial Planning
Financial Planning & Analysis
Develop custom dashboards that help you generate more effective KPIs and forecasts
Record-to-Report (R2R) Process Reporting
Streamline processes and expand the types of reports you can produce for management and regulators
Record-to-Report (R2R) Process Benefits
Optimize Your Finance Operations With Record-to-Report Process Automation
With automated R2R, CFOs can make more informed decisions, build efficiency and improve compliance.

Gain Back Time

Reduce Manual Tasks and Drive Greater Decision-Making

An enhanced R2R process gives you more time to dive deeper into reasons for inefficiencies, identify process improvements and develop strategies to alleviate these challenges, resulting in:

Refined Transaction Visibility & Processing

Access real-time information about your company’s performance

Empowered People

Give your skilled teams more time and tools to tackle complex challenges

Boosted Reporting Accuracy

Automate reconciliations for improved efficiency

Streamlined Compliance

Standardize processes and reduce your audit burden

Trusted Partner

Access Proven Solutions

Improving your R2R process requires an objective assessment of your accounting and finance functions. Armanino has the industry expertise to help you design and manage effective procedures for every stage. Our extensive software offerings can provide you a holistic solution to strengthen your strategic decision-making and gain insights into the state of your organization.
Jeremy Sucharski - Partner, Consulting - San Ramon CA | Armanino
Jeremy is a partner in Armanino’s Strategy and Transformation consulting practice.

San Ramon, CA
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