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Armanino Introduces DataVue to Help Clients Digitally Transform Their Products, Services and Customer Interactions for the Future

July 21, 2021
Technology-Enabled Businesses Grow Faster Than the Competition

SAN RAMON, Calif. (July 21, 2021) – Armanino LLP, today announced a specialized focus on digital transformation with DataVueTM, a methodology for helping companies tackle the full spectrum of digital transformation. With a 360-degree view and approach, the firm’s digital experts create a transformation strategy for businesses of all sizes that improves customer interactions, modernizes products and services and leverages technology to improve customer satisfaction.

Businesses of all types, in every industry, must keep up with digitization and new customer expectations and desires. Today’s customers expect a technology-forward interaction with companies through apps and websites to order, schedule, check in, access history and view their information in customer portals for a seamless, enjoyable experience. Digital transformation allows any company, no matter what product or service they sell, to transform the way they interact with customers and deliver their products. Even better, successful digital transformation has the power to convert customers into raving fans.

Armanino’s DataVue method helps businesses through the digital transformation process holistically, analyzing where they are now and guiding them through a proven approach. DataVue utilizes web and e-commerce, field service, customer relationship management (CRM), machine learning, virtual assistants, robotic process automation (RPA) and deep data and analytics to help companies streamline product and service delivery to create future-forward, outstanding customer experiences. DataVue also benefits companies’ employees, who enjoy more efficient, streamlined processes.

“Digital transformation is an immediate imperative. Customers expect digital experiences with companies, and that expectation is driving the need for businesses to adapt. DataVue helps companies accomplish the type of digital transformation they never thought possible, and the many benefits extend from customer experience to improved business operations,” said Tom Mescall, partner-in-charge of consulting at Armanino. “Most organizations don’t know where to get started. That’s why we launched DataVue: to empower our clients to make informed decisions about their business and be more responsive to rapidly changing customer expectations. Through DataVue, we align the interests of the CEO, CFO, CMO, COO and CIO to a digital strategy that pushes our clients forward.”

Recognizing that every company needs to digitally transform for the future, Armanino conducted a series of focus groups with businesses to better understand their digital transformation challenges. More than half of these businesses that started digital transformation failed, and only 7% succeeded at full implementation. These findings demonstrate the need for an approach that gets companies started, establishes a clear goal and provides a pathway to get there that involves everything from the C-suite to the sales team so companies can become market leaders, no matter how much technology they might already have in place.

“When we think of digital transformation, we’re often thinking of Fortune 50 companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on completely revamping customer interaction. But with DataVue, digital transformation is accessible — and doable — for the middle market. Armanino can deploy digital transformation for these companies with a major impact. The tools to accomplish digital transformation have been democratized, and we’re making them more accessible than ever,” said Ryan Prindiville, a partner in Armanino’s Strategy & Transformation practice. “This goes beyond what a typical systems integrator, agency or management consultancy would provide individually.”

At its essence, DataVue fosters digital transformation with core steps that ensure a complete approach. By mapping digital transformation with a strategy and transformation team, leveraging data as an asset, rethinking operations and modernizing technology, companies can make informed steps toward their future, thanks to how DataVue allows them to transform information into action.

“DataVue is the way to modernize products, services and how companies treat their customers. While we may use tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s ultimately a way to offer customers a better experience, building satisfaction and loyalty while removing friction in customer interaction,” said Mescall. “Digital transformation is happening right now, in every industry, and

Learn more about how companies are reimagining business for growth through digital transformation on this white paper

See how DataVue can apply to any organization.

Our Capabilities

Armanino’s DataVue capabilities are driven by specialists who bring a deep level of expertise to the process. Strategists, customer experience evangelists, data scientists, transformation specialists and risk and privacy experts come together to illuminate a big-picture understanding of business goals and examine what achievement looks like. Our consultants drive the digital transformation and customer experience journey while also ensuring the roadmap mitigates risk through data privacy protection, cybersecurity and internal controls, bringing a holistic full DataVue method experience from ideation to execution.

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