Ask An Expert Series – Workday Human Capital Management

Ask An Expert Series – Workday Human Capital Management

June 14, 2024
Explore the latest trends and insights within Workday Human Capital Management
Explore our Workday Human Capital Management Expertise Webinar Series, a highly interactive and educational platform created for attendees to gain professional advice and insights about Workday Human Capital Management from seasoned industry experts. This series covers a wide range of topics within Workday Human Capital Management, presenting best practices, expert strategies, and effective solutions to common HR challenges.

Session 1

Innovations in Workday Human Capital Management Tenant Security Governance & Solutions

Discuss the importance of established security controls and governance and see how Armanino has assisted numerous clients in implementing this specific model in Workday HCM.

Additionally, we'll explore three innovative security group solutions and potential applications to show you how to harness these solutions effectively.

View the recording of the session below or download the presentation (PDF).

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Let’s Build Your Workday Roadmap Together

Learn more about implementing Workday or how to continue the journey to the next phase with your existing Workday platform. Reach out to our Workday experts to build your Workday roadmap and maximize your technology investment.

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