How to Streamline Your Back Office Operations

April 1, 2021 | 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM PT

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Optimizing Your Back Office is Key to Streamlining Operations

Are you spending more time managing your back office service providers and less on more important goals?

Many small and mid-sized companies work with and manage a multitude of service providers to help with operating their back offices. Managing those providers can be challenging as there is constant juggling to ensure each is doing their part. Armanino has worked with a multitude of organizations and has witnessed firsthand this cumbersome process.

We listened to businesses and are now offering a way for them to combine the myriad of providers into one holistic solution to eliminate the need to transition from one provider to another.

Join our experts as they dive into Armanino’s new Back Office Bundle — the only single-sourced, back office solution developed specifically for your company’s needs and ambitions. It’s a readymade growth enabler for your organization, bundling together all of your accounting, finance and HR needs – for a more optimized, coherent and scalable back office.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Learn ways to streamline your back office with insights from our accounting, finance and HR experts
  • Understand the technology available and expertise for peak, reliable performance — scaling your business has never been easier
  • Support your companies needs and ambitions with an attainable solution that let’s you focus on your business’s essential elements
  • Reduce the time your leadership team spends on managing multiple service providers and more on value creation


  • John Kogan, Director, Consulting, Armanino
  • Shannon Oswald, Director, Consulting, Armanino
  • Mike Plisek, Senior Manager, Consulting, Armanino
  • Andrea Mannering, Senior Manager, Consulting, Armanino
  • Alicia Bolm, Senior Manager, Consulting, Armanino
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