Mitigate Risks & Reduce Costs on Capital Projects

June 29, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT

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Big Projects Come with Big Risks and Costs

Capital projects are excellent growth opportunities – but at what cost?

Capital projects are often among the largest, most complex financial expenditures organizations undertake and current economic conditions and price escalation risks can increase those costs. Our experts can help organizations understand how to mitigate risks and reduce costs while taking on these tremendous growth opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

  • List complexities of capital projects and the need for contract compliance
  • Employ proper planning to mitigate risks during a construction project
  • Prepare and manage price escalations
  • Examine examples of potential overcharges


  • Ron Steinkamp, Partner, RAAS
  • Robert Hardy, Director, RAAS
  • Laura Fox, Manager, Trust
  • Stephen Strohman, Supervising Senior, Trust

Mitigate Risks & Reduce Costs on Capital Projects

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