Who We Are

Women’s Initiatives

Armanino’s The Bridge was founded in 2016 to develop an all-inclusive culture with equal opportunities for women.
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Dedicated to Gender Equality at All Levels
An All-Inclusive Culture
Dedicated to Gender Equality at All Levels
Recognizing the disparity between the number of male and female partners, we have made a concerted effort to support and encourage women to consider partnership as a career goal. The Bridge is dedicated to encouraging career development for female employees at all levels of the organization. Our programs and initiatives are designed to celebrate, educate and support female empowerment and advancement.
Our Purpose

Striving for Female Inclusion and Retention

We regularly benchmark our progress relative to the industry through the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) MOVE Project. The project delivers accounting and advisory firms the most comprehensive data and guidance on finding, retaining, developing and advancing diverse talent of all sorts, including women, ethnic minorities and identity groups.

Our Progress

Armanino participated in the MOVE Project in 2017 and 2020. In addition to MOVE’s relevant benchmark data, we went a step further and performed internal surveys as well as live one-on-one interviews to dive deeper into the reasons why our women were not being promoted to partnership at the same rate as their male counterparts. This data has been a core pillar to strategies and programs we implemented to help close the gaps.

2017 Findings

  • Male managers are 2.5 times more likely to believe that they are on track for partnership than their female counterparts.
  • Women managers are opting out of the partnership track altogether at a rate of over 2 times their male counterparts.
  • More male managers initiated dialogue about partnership than female counterparts.
  • The importance of an advocate is irrefutable, and the likelihood of success in obtaining partnership appears tightly linked to executive level sponsorship.
  • More male managers believed they had or have advocates/executive sponsors than women managers.

Transparency to Partnership

The MOVE Survey results also showed that both male and female managers were confused on the criteria, qualifications and benefits of partnership. And in fact, women were opting out of partnership at a much higher rate than men. We created a Transparency to Partnership presentation to educate managers on the expectations and benefits of partnership at the firm.

The goal of the presentation is to reduce the number of leaders opting out of partnership as a potential career path. It covers topics such as flexibility, types of paths to partner, workload management, criteria and qualifications. It is made available to all interested employees in order to address misconceptions and barriers. The 2020 MOVE Survey saw fewer women opting out of partnership, and those who changed their minds cited the transparency presentation as the leading reason.

Executive Access Program

The Bridge has a focused strategy on growing a pipeline that will help lead to a greater percentage of women managers being promoted to partners at the firm. Through the MOVE Survey, we learned one of the key levers for a healthy internal pipeline is strong advocacy. In 2018, we launched the Executive Access Program to pair high-potential female managers with firm executives, empowering them to build relationships with key leaders who will help advocate for them.

Our Story
The Bridge at Armanino
Watch the story of The Bridge at Armanino (formerly the Women’s Advancement Network) and the advancements we have made toward achieving inclusion of women at the highest leadership levels throughout our firm.

Our Progress

We are Proud of the Progress We Have Made

We participated in the 2020 MOVE Survey, which showed our progress in three years was significant in closing more gaps between males and females.

2020 Findings

  • Women’s belief that they are on a trajectory to partnership increased 11 percentage points, shrinking the gap between them and their male counterparts.
  • Women’s wishes to opt out of partnership decreased 10 percentage points, shrinking the gap between them and their male counterparts.
  • Almost 1/3 of women changed their mind over the past three years from not wanting to pursue partnership to wanting to pursue it.
  • Women managers increased their conversations about plans to partnership by 9 percentage points and passed their male counterparts.
  • Women’s belief that they have an advocate increased as did their desire for advocacy, on par with male counterparts.
Key Benchmarks
Where We Sit Today
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Partnership Trajectory
72% of female managers believe they are on or would like to be on the partnership trajectory
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Partnership Conversations
54% of female managers report other partners initiating conversations around partnership
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Personal Advocates
81% of females believe they have an advocate or would like one
Partner Track Program
2020 Partner Track Program
57% of participants in the program (a requirement for partnership consideration) are women
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Partner Promotions
Average of 33% internal female partner promotions
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Gender Ratio Growth
19% female partners in 2020 compared to 8% female partners in 2016
Our Future

We Are Constantly Striving to Do Better

The MOVE project uncovered more opportunities for the future, such as addressing the concern of workload management, expanding career paths and partner preparation for women at all levels, and strengthening The Bridge value to senior leaders as a key partner in business development, talent retention and succession planning. Closing the gap is a priority for the firm, with our CEO, Operating Committee and Board of Partners helping to influence policy change firm wide.
Outlets for Open Conversations
Educational Events
Outlets for Open Conversations
The Bridge hosts and promotes events throughout the year in multiple offices, virtually and on demand. Topics vary from issues impacting women in the workplace to career advancement, challenges and opportunities women face, personal stories and more. Each March, we participate in a celebration of International Women’s Day in every office, with staff, clients, local colleges and associations invited to attend.
Participate with the WAN
Get Involved
Participate With The Bridge
Staff members of all levels (from intern to partner), geographies and genders are invited to participate in The Bridge educational events, and The Bridge regularly partners with other interest groups within the firm to co-sponsor programming. We are proud of our mighty team of The Bridge Fans, from all genders and levels of the firm.