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Sarah Harris, JD


We are challenged by change, but never frightened by it.

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A corporate lawyer by training, Sarah Harris is general counsel at Armanino, spearheading the firm's legal and risk management efforts. Her wealth of expertise contributes to her sharp oversight of corporate governance, contracts, and litigation management. Sarah's focus is always on safeguarding the firm's interests while ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards.

Throughout her career, Sarah has honed her skills in navigating complex regulatory issues, managing litigation, and handling mergers and acquisitions. Her experience has often put her at the center of business teams, adding to a unique point of view on where clients are coming from and what they need. That translates into a pragmatic approach to providing practical advice and risk analysis, considering both the potential pitfalls and opportunities for growth.

Sarah's dedication to an inclusive and diverse professional environment is evident through her role of as co-chair of Armanino's IDEAL: (Inclusion of Diverse Employees and Leaders) team. She spearheads initiatives that cultivate a sense of belonging for every individual and drives the firm's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Sarah also leads community outreach efforts, connecting IDEAL with local LGBTQ+ organizations and encouraging participation in Armanino's PRIDE events each June.

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Professional History


  • Northwestern University School of Law
  • Scripps College


  • Sikich LLP
  • Baker & McKenzie LLP
  • Mayer Brown LLP
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Foley & Lardner LLP


  • Link Unlimited Scholars, Mentor


  • Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, Fellow


Q. What was it that drew you to Armanino?
A genuine commitment to innovation. While many accounting firms acknowledged the potential impact of Al, automation and emerging technologies, Armanino is actively taking steps to adapt and thrive. Ours is a truly different culture in its dedication to stay ahead of industry shifts. There's no fear when it comes to challenge traditional norms and exploring creative solutions.
Q. Describe your work style.
I prioritize people and I'm willing to roll up my sleeves and tackle any task, regardless of its nature or urgency. I come from the world of M&A, and in that kind of dynamic environment, it's essential to be able to deal with vast amounts of information and details. It's like a game of Tetris — there are thousands of facts that might not be relevant until months later, but it's crucial to retain them to address future challenges effectively. I try to create opportunities where my team can learn and do interesting, fun work that aids in their growth and development. And it helps them get really good at “Tetris,” too!
Q. What’s your proudest moment?
I have been involved with a program called Link Unlimited in Chicago for many years, which supports African American students from underprivileged backgrounds by providing funding and mentorship to help them attend Catholic high schools. I was matched with a remarkable young woman who had faced significant challenges in her life. Our mentorship journey was incredibly fulfilling, and we formed a strong bond. It was an honor to guide her and support her education, and witnessing her graduation from college as well as her other accomplishments has filled me with immense pride and joy.
Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life?
Specific to my legal career, the most influential person in my life would be a partner at a law firm I worked at. He took me under his wing and became my unofficial mentor. He not only provided guidance and support but also advocated for me during crucial moments, especially as I was approaching partnership. His mentorship had a significant positive impact on my career, and without him, I don't believe I would have achieved partner status at that firm.
Q. If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to aspiring accountants or consultants, what would that be?

The fast pace of today's world can create a desire for quick fixes and immediate advancements, but it's essential to put in the hard work and understand that progress takes time. Sometimes, it may be necessary to make a change and start fresh to rebuild and grow, but always ensure that you have learned from your past and are committed to continuous improvement.

Success comes with experience and a strong work ethic, and the lessons learned along the way will shape you into a respected professional who others can look up to in the future.
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