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Do a good job the whole way through, not just 75-95%.

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By aligning the firm’s capabilities with unique client needs, Sam leads Armanino’s geographic growth in the central and eastern United States. He partners with clients of all sizes to ensure that Armanino meets their expectations and help them succeed in their mission.

Sam’s professional experience allows him to understand immediate, mid-term and long-term business challenges that clients face. This is how he helps them achieve their objectives and leverage Armanino’s capabilities. From strategy and technology to outsourcing and compliance, Sam offers insight to accelerate growth and drive profitability.

Outside of work, Sam is committed to diversity in the finance and technology industries. He supports the Advisory Board for Chicago Blend, Angeles Latinx Group Chicago, Tech Rise Chicago and 361 Firm.

*Sam holds his interest in the firm through Mad Olive Online, Inc

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Professional History


  • Michigan State University
  • Carnegie Mellon University


  • Tandem HR
  • PayNet Inc.
  • The Johnsson Group
  • CompuCom
  • Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
  • Arthur Andersen & Co


  • Advisory Board for Chicago Blend
  • Angeles Latinx Group Chicago
  • Advisor to Tech Rise Chicago
  • 361 Firm


Q. What was it that drew you to Armanino?

I was an Armanino client before working here. As a client, I was drawn to the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit, and I knew that it was a place where I could make an impact. At the time, there wasn’t a job opening for me at Armanino, but I was determined to help the firm grow in the central and eastern regions. I put together a business plan and met with Armanino leadership to create a role for me to become part of the team and serve our clients. 

Q. What do you predict the future will look like for clients in the industries you serve?

Being more analytical and data-driven in decision-making is going to be one of the big trends for the CFO and office of the CFO going forward. This will allow these leaders to react to headwinds and take advantage of tailwinds to leverage opportunities. By understanding clients’ business requirements, I help them create systems that work together to support their people, processes and existing technology.

Q. Describe your work style.

Results-driven collaboration. I like to enable others’ success and help people achieve their goals. As I navigate everyday challenges, I’ve learned to be more intentional in how I help my team. I ask open-ended questions and create opportunities for others to ask me questions.

Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life?

My mom, who gave me the confidence to try new things. No matter what was going on, she always supported me for who I am. She worked in accounting and in systems, and that also made a big impact on my professional life.

Q. What do you love most about your work?

I love the diversity that we have at Armanino. We have a variety of backgrounds on our team, and we bring our experiences together to solve a wide array of challenges for many types of clients. 

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