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Be a sponge – absorb as much information and wisdom as you possibly can.

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Peter has been working in public accounting since 2005. He has extensive audit experience in the technology industry, having provided assurance and auditing services to a wide variety of technology companies. He values working closely with clients not only during the audit period, but over the course of the entire year to help them through various challenges that may arise.

Prior to joining Armanino, Peter worked for Deloitte’s audit group. He graduated from St. Mary’s College with a degree in accounting, and he is a Certified Public Accountant and member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

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Professional History


  •  Deloitte LLP


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • California Society of Certified Public Accountants


  • St. Mary’s College


Q. What is it about accounting and consulting that first drew your interest?
We all seek fulfillment in our careers, and I get mine from seeing the insides of how companies operate and finding ways to bring value and make an impact on the future success of my clients. My audit work allows me to help clients of all sizes, from individual owners to large enterprises. It’s the excitement of making a difference for people that drew me to accounting.
Q. Make a prediction, describe your vision of the business future.
The first word that comes to mind is uncertainty. We are now seeing the pace of change happen at a faster clip than at any time before. Change is the new normal, and I advise my clients to be able to move quickly and adapt. Between technology and market competition, complacency is risky. At Armanino, we’ve had this mindset for some time that we and our clients need to always be finding ways to stay ahead of the shifting market landscape.
Q. What is the toughest decision you have ever made?
I was at a crossroads after college: take an offer that would get me into a finance career or pursue accounting. After some thought, I went with accounting. It was an early fork in the road, but it panned out well and I look back with a smile knowing I made the right decision.
Q. Describe your work style.
I believe in building trust with peers and colleagues; I consider myself very adaptable and can flex into other people’s work styles.
Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life
It’s my parents. They raised me with the strong solid foundation to be able to venture forth and accomplish what I’ve done in my career so far. They instilled values like integrity and work ethic that have helped me flourish.
Q. If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to aspiring accountants or consultants, what would that be?
Be a sponge. Listen and absorb as much information and wisdom as you can from managers, partners, clients and whomever else you can. Do not be afraid to fail, because mistakes are how you learn and develop yourself into a better person and professional.
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