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Be patient with yourself and be resilient.

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Dan’s curious nature combined with his passion for public accounting has made him an expert in tax planning, compliance and consulting. Through collaboration with investment advisors, attorneys and financial planners, Dan provides comprehensive tax planning, compliance and consulting services to high net worth families and their enterprises. This includes collaborating with clients’ brokers and legal teams to prepare closely held businesses for sale and ensuring a smooth transition.

As a mentor who puts special emphasis on education, Dan manages diverse teams and is committed to the professional growth of his staff. He received the Bartley Medallion from the Villanova Law School’s Graduate Tax Program and won the 2022 NJCPA Ovation Award in the Impact category for his contributions to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Professional History


  • NJ Society of CPAs


  • Villanova Law School’s Graduate Tax Program Bartley Medallion
  • 2022 NJCPA Ovation Award for Impact


  • Member of the Estate and Financial Planning Council of Southern New Jersey
  • Member of the Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
  • Cinnaminson Soccer Club coach


  • Drexel University
  • Villanova


  • Drucker & Scaccetti
  • Isdaner & Company, LLC

Thought Leadership Publications


Q. What was it that drew you to Armanino?

Armanino has teams in place to address their people, create career development opportunities and promote growth. From continuing your professional education to finding your role as a leader in the firm, there are resources available to promote expansion and encourage everyone to reach for more.

Q. What do you predict the future will look like for clients in the industries you serve?

I think we’re headed toward a society where everyone focuses on what they are good at and outsources everything else. However, not all clients fully understand what that means or the resources that it requires. Part of my job is to help my clients see that they’re better off focusing on building the business they love and trusting external talent with the rest.

Q. What’s your proudest moment?

I coach a girls’ soccer team that started during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had no tryouts — whoever came made the team. Since that time, I’ve watched them grow from a group of kids who just wanted to have fun with their friends to a group that really understands what the sport is about and how to play it. After years of really hard work and going through a pandemic together, we recently won our first tournament as a team. That was a truly proud moment for me.

Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life?

My parents. My dad immigrated here not knowing anybody or speaking the language. He arrived a year before my mom came over. Neither one of them had a college education. My dad worked in construction and my mom was a seamstress who eventually worked at one of the most prestigious places in Philadelphia. Together, they figured out how to live great lives in this country, raise two kids, and put us through college. Their blue-collar work ethic is something that I could never be without. It really empowered me to get to where I’ve gotten in a white-collar world.

Q. If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to aspiring accountants or consultants, what would that be?

Spend time on your craft, but always nourish your relationships, too. Taking the time to develop the soft side of the business is as important as formal training.

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