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Passionate about individual and pass-through entity taxation, Chris is an accomplished CPA who focuses on all aspects of real estate investment and development. As an expert in ownership structuring and transaction planning, Chris is a creative financial professional who thrives on challenges.

When faced with complex situations, Chris is a valuable resource to his clients. He puts together holistic tax and financial strategies for closely held businesses, complex high net worth families, and corporate executives.

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Professional History


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)


  • Villanova University


  • Drucker & Scaccetti


Q. What do you predict the future will look like for clients in the industries you serve?

Many of my clients are in real estate development. As the industry grows, it’s moving toward more sophisticated business transactions and greater complexity in tax law. Keeping up with changes and cutting through the noise are key to success. By guiding my clients to build the right teams and implement the technology that supports their strategies, I’m helping them to prepare and stay efficient.

Q. What law or regulation in the accounting industry would you like to see changed?

I’d like to see the IRS and Congress make some tweaks to the Opportunity Zones Program, which is designed to promote economic development in distressed areas, but many of the rules around it slow down the process. By adding more flexibility, the government could help investors structure deals faster, which would support the program’s goal.

Q. Without naming names, tell us about your favorite client and why you enjoyed working with them.

My favorite clients stay focused and move forward, even when we encounter bumps along the way. This allows us to cut right to the issues, so we can work together to make the outcomes they desire a reality.

Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life?

The person who had the most influence in my professional life was one of my professors at Villanova. He understood the kind of creative environment that I needed, recognized my tenacity and helped me find the perfect company to match my personality.

Q. If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to aspiring accountants or consultants, what would that be?

Get out of your comfort zone and sit with the uncomfortable. That’s what pushes you and gets the creative juices flowing. That’s also where you’ll do a lot of your learning and growth as a professional.

Q. What do you love most about your work?

Knowing that my work makes a difference in clients’ lives is the reason I don’t just log off at 5:00 p.m. I know that these are real people who continue to work hard to grow their business. They roll up their sleeves and keep their boots on the ground. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make an impact on their future.

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