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Utilizing Source Documents as an Alternative to Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting

September 12, 2014

Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting (AA) has a wide breadth of functionality. If you do not wish to implement AA, you can use source documents to track attributes. When you enter a journal entry, a required field is the source code. These codes are user-defined and any value can be placed in this field, assuming it was set up.

Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Posting >> Source Documents

Source Documents and Description

Once one or more of these are set up, you can tag specific journal entries with this source document.

Be mindful that these codes associate themselves with the journal entry, not the account number in the journal entry. This process can only be used with GL entries, not entries originating in other modules.

Source Document

Once this information has been posted along with other transactions with different source documents, you can build Smartlist, SSRS reports, and even Management Reporter reports that can filter off these codes.

In Smartlist, you can filter on GL accounts that equal 000-7010-00 and show all the Source Documents...

Filter by Source Document

Or show the Source Document itself and GL accounts associated with it.

Utilizing Source Documents as an Alternative to Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting

The really cool thing is that you can report this information in Summary or detail using Management Reporter, by utilizing the "Row Modifier."

Utilizing Source Documents as an Alternative to Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting

The Row Modifier looks like this.

Row Modifier Example

The report will show activity for those accounts and that attribute for a period of time. Please note that this will work best with Profit and Loss accounts and journal entries only (i.e. Net change). It will not work so well with Balance Sheet balances.

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