Transform Your Back Office Into a Value Driver
Transform Your Back Office Into a Value Driver
May 27, 2021

(Updated 06/18/2021)

An effectively run back office is key to growing your business. But you can’t truly give it the attention it deserves because revenue, product development, and fundraising are and should be your top priorities. Outsourcing is one remedy, but juggling multiple vendors adds to your challenges.

In this video series, Armanino's experts address some of the pain points faced by business leaders today. Whether it be human capital challenges, lack of visibility, or a coherent tech stack, they discuss the complexities of running a back-office and how having the right single outsourcing partner can be instrumental in driving long-term success.

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Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Lack of Visibility

Episode 3: Human Capital Challenges

Episode 4: Process Challenges

Episode 5: Business Growth Distractions

Episode 6: Lack of Coherent Tech Stack

Episode 1

Back Office, Bundled - Introduction

Managing multiple service providers for your accounting, finance and HR needs is time-consuming and inefficient, but there is another way. In this video, Director John Kogan introduces Back Office, Bundled, the only back-office solution built for small to medium-sized companies that unifies these functions through one outsourcing partner. See how you can run your business with greater consistency and get your entire back office working in harmony.

Episode 2

Lack of Visibility

Find out how poor accounting and a lack of understanding of your economics weakens your position and impacts your valuation in discussions with new investors and banks. In this video, Senior Managers Andrea Mannering and Mike Plisek highlight how a lack of complete financial and accounting oversight is the biggest barrier to creating high-quality financial analysis, especially in the eyes of investors and banks.

Episode 3

Human Capital Challenges

Hiring and keeping good employees is one of the biggest costs for any business. In this video, Director Shannon Oswald walks through the challenges of employee retention and turnover and what happens when companies don’t invest in their HR management. From avoiding bad hires to offering sufficient benefits, she shares some of the best practices leaders should take to attract and retain top-quality talent and reduce their payroll risk.

Episode 4

Process Challenges

When businesses try to get by without robust and scalable back-office process controls, it can cause slowdowns that have far-reaching financial impacts. In this video, Senior Managers Andrea Mannering and Mike Plisek elaborate on these pain points and discuss how collaboration between accounting, finance and HR feeds into better processes, more accurate financial forecasting, fewer surprises and less risk.

Episode 5

Business Growth Distractions

When business leaders have to spend time managing multiple outsourced providers, it hinders value creation. In this video, Director John Kogan discusses some of the mechanisms leaders can instill to reduce wasted time with an integrated back office and spend more time on their products and driving growth.

Episode 6

Lack of Coherent Tech Stack

A lack of real-time data stalls communication between leaders and their stakeholders, as all are unable to get the information they need. In this video, Senior Manager Alicia Bolm shares insights into how to better manage your workflow and keep everyone and everything connected by choosing the right tech stack that scales with you.

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