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Integration Manager Advanced Techniques - Scripting in VBScript

October 27, 2008

In case you were not aware, Integration Manager has a slew of sample VBScripts that you can copy and paste into your integration to accomplish such useful tasks as:

  • Autocreate Alphanumeric Vendor or Customer ID codes (e.g. for vendor "Acme Company" becomes ACME0001)
  • Prompting the user for input (e.g. automate requesting a batch id or document date from user)
  • Removing non numeric characters from phone numbers
  • Concatenating multiple fields from source file into one GP destination field
  • Deleting a source file after successful integration
  • Prompting User to define source file location
  • Sending an outlook email that notifies receipent of errors or warning messages
  • etc etc

Adding a sample script is simple:

Adding a sample VBScript
  1. Open an integration.
  2. From the Integration window, choose Properties, and choose the Scripts tab.
  3. An icon next to a script indicates that the script is attached to this integration.
  4. Select the script type for the integration.
  5. Select Add based on when the scripting task should occur (before integration, before each document, etc).
Select Add based on when the scripting task>

Additional sample scripts are listed below:

GP Specific Sample Scripts

  • Assigning an Alphanumeric Vendor ID
  • Assigning a Sequential Vendor ID
  • Setting the Batch Date
  • Prompting the User for a Batch ID
  • Concatenating Two or More Source Fields
  • Prompting the User for a Document Date
  • Setting the Document Type in Payables or Receivables based on the Document Amount
  • Setting a GL Account in SOP based on Item and Customer
  • Adding Leading Zeros to a Check Number in Bank Reconcile Integrations
  • Removing Leading Zeros from a Check Number in Bank Reconcile Integrations
  • Automatically Set the Reversing Date for a GL Transaction to the First Day of the Next Month
  • Integrating Multi-column Budget Information
  • Integrating Multi-column GL History
  • Removing Specific Characters from a Phone Number
  • Removing All Non-numeric Characters from a Phone Number
  • Setting the Posting Type for a GL Account
  • Updating the Default Purchasing U of M for an Item
  • Setting a source field that is blank to the default value
  • Setting the Typical Balance for a GL Account based on number scheme

General Purpose Sample Scripts

  • Looking Up a Value in a Database Table
  • Deleting a Source File After a Successful Integration
  • Executing a Stored Procedure in SQL
  • Filtering ODBC/Text Source Data based on User Input at Runtime
  • Validating Foreign Keys
  • Prompting the User for the Path to the Source Files
  • Marking Source Records as Integrated
  • Displaying a message box with the error and warning messages
  • Sending an Outlook E-mail that Notifies the Recipient of Document Errors
  • Protecting an Integration with a Password
  • Renaming a Source File that Uses Today's Date in its Name
  • Validating Data based on a List of Values

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