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Increase Upselling Opportunities with Dynamics GP Suggested Sales Items

October 23, 2014

Dynamics GP Suggested Sales Items is an awesome feature that has been introduced in GP2013 R2. Continue on to discover how to increase your upselling opportunities with this enhancement. This feature leads to a potential increase in profitability by allowing the system to assist the salesperson with up-selling! In order for this feature to appear in the Sales Module, the Suggested Sales Items must first be set up in the Inventory Module.

Part 1: Setting up Suggest Sales Item in Inventory

  1. Navigate to Cards>Inventory>Item
  2. Select an Item from the lookup.
  3. In order to open the Suggested Sales Item Window, select the new Suggest Items button located at the bottom of the Item Maintenance Card.
  4. In the Suggest Sales Item Maintenance Window, select which Document Types you would like for the suggested items to appear.
  5. Select one or more Suggested Items, enter the Description, and a Suggested Quantity
  6. The Sales Script field will provide the salesperson with additional items/details to discuss during the Sales process.
  7. Select OK to exit the window and be sure to select Save on the Item Maintenance Card.Item Maintenance

Part 2: Entering the Sales Transaction

  1. Navigate to Transactions>Sales>Sales Transaction Entry
  2. Enter the Document Type and required Header fields.
  3. In the Line Item section, select an Item and press Tab to move to the next field.
  4. The Suggest Sales Item Entry Window will appear providing the sales person with the opportunity to discuss warranty offers, products that would complement the item, alternative products, etc.
  5. If the customer decides to add an item, select the checkbox next to the item and click OK. However, if the customer declines, simply exit the window.Item Entry

For more information on the benefits of the Dynamics GP Suggested Sales Items feature, contact our Microsoft Dynamics experts!

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