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Dynamics GP Payables Transaction Approval Workflow
June 25, 2015

Dynamics GP 2015 R2 includes two new features that will allow you to expedite and better control your payables invoice processing. Take a look at the Dynamics GP payables transaction approval workflow features:

  1. Payables Transaction Approval workflow object
  2. Document attachment for email approvals

Using the workflow mechanism in Dynamics GP 2015 R2, you can customize a workflow process to meet your specific control needs. You can create multiple approval levels with groups or individuals, and you can create workflow logic based on several different fields in the transaction and your local system.

It's also possible to allow for approvers to approve transactions within an email message generated from the workflow. The email message can include line level detail and attachments specific to the transaction being reviewed.

The transactions can be approved or rejected and relevant comments can be tracked along the approval process.

To get the relevant detail into an email message, be sure to.

1. Mark the "Include Document Attachment document" option on the steps of your workflow that send email messages to approvers.

Include Documents Attachment Documents

2. Include the document line fields on your email message template, and specify which fields you want in the body of your message.

Message Setup

Here's an example of an email message sent to an approver. Notice the document attached to the email. This is the document that was attached to the original payables transaction. Also, it's important to notice the transaction detail at the bottom of the message.

You can modify the email templates to meet your needs, and you can create multiple email templates for the type of workflow object with which you're working.

Email Template Example

Here's a quick video showing the Dynamics GP Payables Transaction Approval process. In the video, the document is scanned in directly to the payables transaction. No need to scan, save, find, attach. It's basically just one click!

Learn more about Dynamics GP and check out additional tips and tricks throughout the Armanino Dynamics blog.

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