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Simple Assembly Transactions in Dynamics 365 Business Central
June 16, 2020

In this post, we've covered some tips & tricks for using Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) as well as key configurations and functionality that will increase the value of your investment in D365 BC. Read on to explore how finished goods items can easily be created using the D365 BC Assembly Order functionality. This is a simplified process that does not require or allow routing information.

There are a few setup specifications you need to make on the finished goods item:

  • On the item card, in the Replenishment area, "Replenishment System" should be set to 'Assembly'.
  • Also on the item card, in the Replenishment area, "Assembly Policy" should be set to Assemble-to-stock. Assemble-to-Order would indicate that the item will be treated like a sales kit and not a finished good.
  • An Assembly Bill of Materials (BOM) needs to be created to specify the components of the finished goods item. You can access the Assembly BOM or create a new one by clicking on the Assembly BOM field data on the item card in the Replenishment area.

Once the item and associated BOM is created, you can use the item in an Assembly Order to create the finished good and consume the component items.

Navigate to the Assembly Order (Warehouse >> Assembly >> Assembly Orders) or use the Search function.

Specify the quantity of the finished good you want to create.

In the Lines area you can add or delete a component item or resource, if desired. You can also change the quantity of the components to be consumed.

Additionally, you can release the Assembly Order or just go ahead and post it. When the Assembly Order is posted, the component items and quantities will be back-flushed against the inventory.

This process would likely be used to record the results of a production operation and not used to manage an active manufacturing process where routing, timing and work center capacity are essential to properly manage a manufacturing process.

This is a quick video showing the D365 BC Assembly Order process:

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