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Changing the Long Date in Management Reporter 2012

May 31, 2013

Management Reporter 2012 has made financial reporting much easier, with its flexible mapping features and new browser report viewer. However, there is one thing every customer has asked me:

"Why does the header show the long date of "For the One Month Ending Friday, January 31, 2014?"

Many of our customers want to shorten this date and remove the weekday (in this case, "Friday") and just display "For the One Month Ending, January 31, 2014".

If you've looked in the Header setup window, you probably have seen the "short date" and "long date" options, but that's it. If you select the "short date" option, it simply displays "01/31/2014."

Changing the displayed header date is easy. But oddly enough, to change these display settings, you need to work from your Windows environment and not in Dynamics GP or Management Reporter.

Here are some simple steps to help you change the display settings for Long Date in Management Reporter:

-    Right-click on the time/date on your desktop.

Long Date 1

-    Select "Change date and time settings..."

Long Date 2

Click on "Change date and time ..."

Long Date 3

Then select "Change calendar settings"

Long Date 4

Here you can change the "Long date" setting to: "MMMM dd, yyyy" (or other combinations) and press > OK.

Long Date 5

Now the "Long date" in Management Reporter will return only the month, date, and year and not the day of the week. It's as simple as that!

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