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Avoiding Accidental Dynamics GP Batch Deletion
December 29, 2014

It is important to avoid accidentally deleting batches within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Below is a quick how-to guide for circumventing this potential issue and ensuring Dynamics GP batches are only deleted when intended.

When we implement Dynamics GP for companies, we sometimes recommend un-checking the following box (Deletion of Saved Transactions) in the general ledger setup window. Uncheck Deletion of Saved Transactions

This prevents users from inadvertently deleting batches – definitely a good idea!  Now, when bringing up a batch, the 'Delete' button will be greyed out. Greyed out delete button

It's still possible to get to the navigation lists and see the same list of batches. List of batches

Even though the 'deletion of saved batches' is un-checked in the general ledger setup window, one can still go here to delete the batch. Delete Batch

This can, however, be problematic because when a batch is deleted from the navigation lists, a record is created in the SY00800 table in the DYNAMICS database and there will be issues if ever this batch name is used again. An easy solution to avoid potential future issues is to remember to delete the record from the SY00800 table.

Find more Dynamics GP tips and tricks within the Armanino Dynamics blog and consider upgrading to the latest version of Dynamics GP today.

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