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Automatically log into Great Plains

July 25, 2008

I've set up my GP system to launch from a shortcut on my keyboard. Saves me from clicking 10 times and entering my password each time. Here's the instructions on how to do this.

Tech doc#: 855677

1. Copy the following macro code into a text editor. This will be the basis for the automatic login.

Logging file 'none.txt'
CheckActiveWin dictionary 'default' form Login window Login
TypeTo field 'User ID' , 'lessonuser1'
MoveTo field Password< />TypeTo field Password , 'pwd'
CheckActiveWin dictionary 'default' form Login window Login
MoveTo field 'OK Button'
ClickHit field 'OK Button'
NewActiveWin dictionary 'default' form 'Switch Company' window 'Switch Company'
ClickHit field '(L) Company Names' item 1 # 'The World Online, Inc.'
MoveTo field 'OK Button'
ClickHit field 'OK Button'

2. Make the following changes to the macro code text file:

  1. Change lessonuser1 to the user that wants to be automatically logged in.
  2. Change pwd to the user's password.
  3. Change The World Online, Inc. to the company that you want to be logged into. Note The World Online, Inc. is named Faikam, Inc. in Release 8.0.
  4. Save the changes to a file named Login.mac. Save the file in the Great Plains client folder. This would be C:GreatPlains if the defaults were used during the installation.

3. Modify the Great Plains icon on your desktop.

  1. Right-click the icon and then select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  2. Find the target to Great Plains. (The example that follows assumes that the defaults were used during the client installation. The client will be assumed to be found in C:GreatPlains).
  3. Modify the Target line to look like the following: C:GreatPlainsDynamics.exe C:GreatPlainsDynamics.set C:GreatPlainslogin.mac

4. Save the changes to the icon and then close the window.

5. Test the change by double-clicking the icon. You should now be automatically logged into Great Plains and into the company that was set up.

I have a keyboard that has favorite buttons and I've set one of the buttons to launch the GP icon. So I can launch and login to GP with one push of the button.

One caveat is to remember your password is saved in the macro so think about it before setting this up. I work out of my home in NW Montana so security is not that big of an issue for me.

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