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A Useful Guide to Productivity and Staying Connected While Remote
April 01, 2020

Staying connected while working with an entirely remote workforce can be a challenge. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay engaged with colleagues. While we’ve been working hard to ensure our clients are cared for, we’re also making sure to take time to keep our internal teams connected.

From coordinating virtual coffee meet-ups to posting fun graphics on our internal collaboration sites, our teams are doing what they can to keep up the positive energy in this time of rapid disruption. And whether we’re connecting with clients or internally, we’re trying to maintain our regular standards of communication through “video on” meetings.

Here are some quick tips to help your team.

Tips for Remote Team Connectivity

  • You can’t “read the room” as well over video calls, so remember to allow time for Q&A to “read the call”.
  • Ask for feedback on what your teams need as they adjust to working remotely.
  • Record group calls when possible (and with everyone’s knowledge), so the whole team stays in the loop if they miss a call.
  • Interact with people via IM as often as you would in person with quick check-ins to say hello, like you would if you passed them in the hall or stopped by their offices.
  • People want to feel like they’re still connected as people.

Provide an avenue for people to connect. Maybe schedule a team meeting to allow people to talk about how they’re feeling while working remotely. The connection to others is extra important during this time.
- Carmel Wynkoop, Partner, Technology Consulting, Armanino

Productivity Tips

One of the biggest challenges to working from home, especially in situations where there are more distractions, is productivity. Here are some of our team’s top strategies:

  • Write a daily checklist. Keep on top of your personal and work needs with a daily checklist to stay focused on the top priority tasks for the day.
  • Block time in your calendar for productive work. Encourage your team (and your family whenever possible) to respect each other’s calendars.
  • “Close” the kitchen while working. Stick to your usual mealtimes to reduce snacking and distractions from the ‘fridge.
  • Remember to exercise. Making time for physical fitness will help keep your mind sharp during work hours.
  • Create a routine. Following a regular routine will help you stay focused to maximize your productivity throughout the day.
  • Enable your team with collaboration solutions. There are numerous virtual meeting and collaboration tools to help facilitate brainstorming sessions and quick connections. With the outbreak of COVID-19, some of these systems are offering free set-up so your teams can more easily connect while remote. Be sure to use these tools to keep your team connected and engaged!

Reach out to others for input – find out what they need to be successful when working from home and what challenges they’re facing. Engaging in honest, open communication is essential."
Gabby Wells, Project Coordinator, Technology Consulting, Armanino

For the latest regulatory updates and more information on keeping your business running through disruption, visit our COVID 19 Resource Center.

April 01, 2020

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